Green Dot bystander trainings

This multi-media training is broken down into 5 pieces – a pre-module/introduction and four content modules, each with a primary “knowledge” and “skill” component.

Pre-Module serves as an introduction to Green Dot.

Module One was developed for participants to think about the role of the bystander and decide what responsibility they believe they carry within their communities.

Module Two is designed to help participants recognize behaviors that have the potential to be imminently high risk, or more commonly, behaviors that could be early warning signs to a high-risk situation.

Module Three explores the barriers that can keep people from taking action as well as generating realistic green dots that will work for individuals in multiple settings.

Module Four is dedicated to shifting cultural norms that support violence by expanding the role of the bystander to include proactive behaviors that model and endorse norms that are incompatible with violence.

“But why is it called Green Dot?”

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